Accounting made easy thru web!!! ~~
  Web-based accounting software  
You can have access to VIVALDI through the Internet, your data is stored in our server
under the reliable security system, which is continuously backed up.
  Convenient on-going upgrade  
You can always use the updated VIVALDI without a time-consuming installation
process on your computer.
  Bilingual service  
You can maintain all of your text data in Korean and English, prepare and print ledgers
and reports in both languages.
  Dual currencies  
You can maintain your monitary data in dual currencies (ex.Korean won& US dollars)
so that you can prepare and print ledgers and reports in both currencies.
  Dual GAAP support system  
You can maintain accounting books, prepare and print ledgers and reports under dual
accounting principles. (ex. Korean GAAP and US GAAP)
  Tax return & payroll package included  
By subscribing to VIVALDI, you will not only use an outstanding accounting software, but
also be able to take advantage of a reliable package for tax return and payroll processes.

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